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This solution uses a WIFI antenae to connect a tiny computer and Arduino microcontroller with a handful of sensors. I am able to monitor 3 temperatures: inside, the metal roof and outside temperatures. As well, I have humidity, a rain sensor on the roof and a door sensor that detects when I open it up and grab a garden tool out of the silo, which is more like my shed.  However, with these simple IoT devices, I have my own little weather station.  I can instantly check the current weather from my phone, see basic trends from the dashboard directly or get notifications if I leave the door open (which lets the critters in).

Additionally, I log all this data to a PostGres database and have a long term trending solution with years of data now.  A recent cold spell quite clearly broke the usual daily temperature swings in the screenshot below during the last couple months.

I'd be more than happy to explore any proof of concept, prototype idea or low cost IoT startup options you need for your sensors or equipment. See how you can gain easy access and make use of your own IoT data today!


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