Device IoT Data

It doesn't matter what kind of data you have or where you get it.  Perhaps you have a machine with data, a home made weather station, a server to monitor or a control system.  All of these can tie into a custom IoT solution and provide you information at your fingertips. Making your system data easy to monitor and/or interact with provides a lot of benefit. Luckily, IoT toolsets and frameworks have made this more affordable than ever so why not get your sensors and data online?

I provide various types of IoT solutions, getting data from various sensors or devices. These solutions use a common suite of IoT protocols and tool to deliver fast, meaningful data, when you need it.

Control System IoT Monitoring

This example below shows an IoT monitoring solution that watches a control application.  It ensures that the application is still running and it also monitors the application's overall performance and the OS's performance stats.  Many control systems are long term systems and run from a Windows or Linux based PC or embedded PC, so the health of that PC is crucial for remote monitoring.  This monitoring gives an you added assurance the system is still stable and operating correctly.  This app monitoring tool works with existing systems and could be extended to add specific control system parameters to the remote data, to help monitor exactly what you need.

Most IT departments will have similar tools for server monitoring, this is not meant to replace that, but enable it with control applications or if there isn't an IT solution to already cover it.  In addition, making it an IOT solution, brings the data more accessible to other people, instead of being hidden behind complex IT tools that everyone doesn't not have access to.

Automatically Get Initial System Data

Ongoing Control System Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Application and Host System OS monitoring

Tasktray Integration

App and OS Monitoring from the Task Tray

MQTT protocol payload

MQTT dataset sent to IoT broker

Online & mobile web app Dashboard

IoT Dashboard to easily monitor your system remotely