IoT Services and Examples

Designing and Building IoT Solutions

Sensors, remote monitoring and controls are a core areas of IoT for capturing the right data. Several IoT examples are shown here, each unique for the application at hand, yet fairly similar in design and function. Expertise in the right programming languages, system design, high level architectures and web technologies all play a critical portion in designing the right solution for each client's unique needs.  Having experience with these tools, combined with the ability to build a fit for purpose IoT solution in an Agile manner, are my strengths to ensure clients get exactly what they need.

Using the right programming language and protocols is important and helps optimize for the quickest solution.  I use cloud services and highly scalable solutions (such as Amazon Web Services - AWS) to ensure any amount of data or devices can be utilized.  With experience in Python, Node.js, Node-Red, Javascript, Angular and LabVIEW, I can also choose the language that is best suited for each solution (or portion of it).  My experience then with instrumentation allows me to connect and troubleshoot data issues with field equipment and existing systems.  All these pieces applied together can be used to deliver the IoT solution you need.

Mobile IoT Data Access

WebApps are powerful tools when compiles with giving you access to the data you need.  Get your IoT data online and easily access it from anywhere with your phone by direct remote monitoring of sensor data and by viewing dashboards, designed specifically for your data.

Historical Logging and Trending IoT Data

Live data access isn't enough, you also need to have historical data access.  Data analysis, AI and machine learning all require you to simply HAVE the data!  There is no better time than now, to start your IoT solution to collect and log your IoT data for either immediate analysis or done the road.

IOT Platform - Dashboard Diagrams"
IOT dashboard - infrastructure"
IOT dashboard factory"
IOT custom alarms"
IOT dashboard - widgets"
IOT device sensors"