IoT Machine Monitoring

Monitoring equipment can be a critical part of a smart Factory or machine maintenance program.  This device is a custom low cost IoT Solution using RaspberryPi and highly sensitive vibration and gyro sensors to detect machine conditions, including temperatures.  This application will be monitoring a sheet metal shear for vibration and its hydraulic temperatures to immediately detect anomalies and high limits with that equipment on a product manufacturing shop.

While the box is an IP67 outdoor rated, this is installed indoors on the machine directly, for detecting any subtle motion and vibration as well as the temperatures. The short blips you can see on the acceleration data, show a door panel that gets access nearby, which is enough to detect every time it is closed.

Vibration and Gyro Machine Monitoring

Machine Monitoring Dashboard

IP67 Waterproof IoT DAQ – Indoor installation

IP67 Waterproof IoT DAQ

Custom Low Cost Vibration and Temperature IOT DAQ

Custom WIFI IoT Device